Rapstar or Kingpin

Million Dolla Moe

This album is the life story of Million Dolla Moe; but only one part 1 of the series (Rapstar Or Kingpin).

Million Dolla Moe is the owner of a record label (Young Trapperz Entertainment) and part of the group )Young Trapperz along with Rone Tha Rula and Montega Wave). He is a Entrepreneur/Recording Artist/Song writer also looking into getting into other genres as well clothing, audio and production, and acting. Twitter: @MillionDollaMoe IG: @MillionDollaMoe2

Cover done by: Tony Blanco

  1. Intro (Hosted By DJ Big Mike) (Produced By Pyro & MDJR)
  2. Rapstar Or Kingpin (Hosted By Max-B) (Prod. By Dela & MDJR)
  3. On Deck (Hosted By DJ Big Mike) (Prod. By Pyro &MDJR)
  4. Let It Blow (Feat. Gun Play) (Prod. By Krueger & MDJR)
  5. Trap Life (Feat. SD & Montega Wave) (Prod. By MDJR)
  6. Hip Hop Resurrection (Hosted By DJ Big Mike) (Prod. By Fireman)
  7. Turned Humble (Hosted By DJ Big Mike) (Prod. By Dela & MDJR)
  8. Toast (Leaked) (Feat. Larry Love) (Prod. By Larry Love & MDJR)
  9. Started With 100 Dollas (Feat. Cassidy) (Prod. By MDJR)
  10. Gotta Make It Feat. Chris Rivers (Big Pun's son) (Prod. By Dela)
  11. Young Trapperz Cypher (Feat. Rone Tha Rula & Montega Wave) (Prod. By Piz)
  12. Million Dolla Dreams (Hosted By Max-B & Feat. 2viscous) (Prod. By Piz & MDJR)
  13. 20 Racks (Hosted By DJ Big Mike) (Prod. By Pyro)
  14. So Into You (Leaked) (Feat. Boogie Crawford) (Prod. By Pyro)
  15. Road To The Riches (Feat. Ar-Ab)
  16. Fast Life (Feat. Cokeboy Cheezy Dior & Rone Tha Rula) (Prod. By Success & MDJR)
  17. American Dream (2011 Leaked) (Feat. Montie) (Prod. By Success)
  18. Outro (Prod. By Success & MDJR)
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