Million Dolla Moe

Million Dolla Moe was born on April 3rd, 1992 in New Haven, CT to his mother Stacey Brooks and father Amenophis Morris. His father was murdered nearly a week before his 2nd birthday at the young age of 22. This scarred him for life. He was raised by his mother, grandmother(his father's mother), aunt(his father's sister), and partially by his step-father. From age 4 to 6, he participated in martial arts at Top 10 Karate studio and won 1st and 4th place in his first tournament and earned a yellow belt, but his mother made him stop doing karate shortly after because he kicked a kid in the nose and hurt him badly. He was raised in Fair Haven and West Hills and spent a lot of time in the Hill. From 3rd grade to 6th grade, he was enrolled in a private school called West Wood Christian Academy with a very intellectual curriculum, but was taken out due to years of complaining that he didn't fit in in the school and dealing with fighting other kids because of racial slurs. After that, He attended North Brandford Intermediate School(for a year; living with his aunt), Fair Haven Middle School, Eli Whitney Technical High School(where he was kicked out due to bad behavior), CT Scholars, Wilbur Cross High School, and 3 months in the Adult Education High School Credit Program(where he earned his high school diploma in 2009 at the age of 17); he also completed one semester of College at Gateway Community College. School was very easy to him. He was especially good in math and reading. Although he was book smart, going to college and things of that nature just stopped being realistic to him. At the age of 16, he began dealing drugs. Catching cases and near death experiences, forced him to find a way out the underworld lifestyle (to avoid losing his life the same way his father had lost his). So, from age 18 to present he has been building "Young Trapperz Entertainment" and more businesses. The rest is history. He is now a legit business man, abiding by the law, and doing everything in his power to be the next mogul in not only the music industry, but business as a whole. He is considering going back to college to get an associates, bachelors, masters, and P.H.D. in business management. (He has been rapping since he was 9 years old with his older brother Rone Tha Rula)